Which One is Harder? – Hangisi daha zor?

Hi everyone. That writing will be about the difference between studying a language or studying maths. Let’s go.

Practice is one of the most important thing in the world to learn everything. Everytime we have to study to survive. Mostly it is about finding a job. For example if people want to progress themselves,they can learn a new language because it is necessary to understand more people. However there is one more language whose name is “Mathematics”…

I will write about the difference between them. Which one is more difficult?

There are a lot of differences between them as difficulty but In my opinion,studying Maths is more difficult than studying a language. I mean students can study English everywhere. Maybe in a cafe,in a library ,in a mall… When studying English, the most significant thing is speaking. I don’t mean the other methods are not important. Nevertheless,the more you learn speaking.  The more you can be better to communicate.





Secondly,when someone study Mathematics,he or she must learn all of methods. Maybe he or she must memorize formulas. People need to the methods or grammers when learning English too. Nevertheless,it is not as much as studying Maths.

Also there are a lot similarities between them. Firstly, if someone wants to learn both of them,he or she needs to practise and doing exercise. 

Secondly we need book to learn both of them on the whole. We can do practise  with books. As a consequence if you  let me choose between these,I would prefer studying a language. It is easier to learn rules of English and doing practise.

Thx for reading

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Which One is Harder? – Hangisi daha zor?

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