The Meaning of Life – Hayatın Anlamı

In one of the old times, there was a man who was obsessed with what the meaning of life is. All answers he found was not enough for him and then he decided to ask the others. However, the answers he received were not enough either but he always said that there should be an answer. Then he decided to travel to ask everyone. He traveled to village, town, and country. Meanwhile, the time did not stop, of course.

When he lost his hope, people who he spoke within a village said
-Do you see these mountains? There is an old wise living there, if you want to go to him, he may give you the answer that you want.
After a very difficult journey, the man has reached the house where the wise lived. The man entered in through the door and then asked the wise what the meaning of life is. The wise said, “I will tell you the answer, but you have to pass a test firstly”. The man accepted it. The wise gave a teaspoon and also filled it with olive oil.
-Now go out and take a tour in the garden, then come here again… Just be careful, do not lose the olive oil in the spoon. If you drop any oil, you will lose.
The man toured in the garden while his eyes on the teaspoon. The wise looked and said, “The oil in the spoon was not reduced, but how was the garden?”.

The man was shocked…
-But I did not look at anything other than the spoon.
-Now go take a tour in the garden again. The spoon will still be in your hand, but take a look at the garden.
The man went back to the garden. He was fascinated by the beauty he saw because the garden was magnificent. When he came back, the wise man said, “How was the garden?”. The man told that he was fascinated by the beauty he saw. The wise smiled and said, “but there is no oil in the spoon”.
-Life gains meaning from your perspective. Either you see only one point, your life goes away, you do not realize. Or you live in the middle of all the beauties you can see, the time that is passing gains meaning.
The meaning of life is hidden in your view.



Dictionary – Sözlük
be obsessed by/with sb/sth:
birine/bir şeye kafayı takmak…ile takıntılı olmak
receive(fiil): almak, teslim almak
Meanwhile(zarf): bu sırada, bu esnada, bu zaman zarfında, bu süre içinde
wise(isim): bilge
teaspoon(isim): çay kaşığı
olive oil(isim): zeytin yağı
fascinate(fiil): büyülemek, hayran bırakmak
beauty(isim): güzellik
magnificent(sıfat): muhteşem, mükemmel, çok güzel, olağanüstü
pass(fill): geçmek, geçip gitmek

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The Meaning of Life – Hayatın Anlamı

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