Care about us! – Bizimle ilgilenin!

Hi all you guys. I’m gonna write you a story which is extremely emotional. Maybe you won’t cry but I’m sure that you’ll get a new perspective. Let’s go

Character’s : A father and his son

A man arrives home after a tiring day.  He finds his little son in front of the door.

The child asks ” Dad, how much do you earning in one hour?”

His dad answers “It is not your business.Never mind.”

The child insists his father and asks again : “Come on dad,I wanna know about it.”

The man says : ” Alright,if you wanna that much learn, I earn 10 dollars per a hour.”

…. After a little silence the boy says ” I see. ”

The child asks again when they have dinner : “Dad,would you like to give me money,about 5 dollars?”

The man yells ” I don’t have money for your silly toys!”

After that slight,the child starts to cry and goes his room.


After about 1 hour,the man thinks that why did he behave that much bad against his son : “Maybe the money which he want was really necessary.”

He feels upset and decides to give that 5 dollar. Also decides to apologise from his son.

He goes upstair where his son’s room is on and opens the door :

“Are you sleeping?” The child answers “No.” with a sad voice.

The man turns on the lamp and sits next to the bed :

“Here is the money that you want,5 dollar ,  I’m sorry for yelling you. It was a tired day. ”

The child screams joyfully : “Thank you father!”

He takes the other dollars which are under the pillow. He looks at his dad’s face and counts his total money. It makes his father more angry now : “Why do you want money in spite of you have it?!”

The child answered: “I had money but it wasn’t enough.”

Dad doesn’t understand what his son say.

The child says “Here is 10 dollars daddy,now can I get your 1 hour?”

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Care about us! – Bizimle ilgilenin!

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